Our zeal to excel End-to-End Services specialized in to Data Entry Services, Data Conversion, Online Data Entry, and Offline Data Entry completely in to Outsourcing solutions.

Data Conversion

Data conversion services entail converting data from one format to another to allow compatibility with a wide variety of applications. Data conversion services range from conducting simple file importation to highly complex undertakings that requires the importation, validation, cleansing and splitting up of non-relational data into multiple databases that support a relational structure. Data conversion can take up so much of organization time and resources that would be better off being channeled to strategic projects. We at Accurate Infocom allow our clients to outsource data conversion services.

We offer offshore book conversion, catalogue conversion, document conversion, file conversion and PDF conversion services.

Why Outsource Data Conversion Services To Us?

Most organizations find themselves relying on ineffective solutions of data conversion. Most of these solutions not only compromise on the quality of data but also threaten the confidentiality and integrity of data. We at Accurate Infocom have an array of data conversion tools that not only guarantee high quality documents but also confidentiality and integrity of data. Our team of professionals based in India uses the latest technological tools to convert electronic data from their native formats to the formats of desktop publishing applications, word processing applications, Internet applications and word processing applications. We at Accurate Infocom adhere to stringent information security procedures that guarantee the safety and integrity of your information in the offshore data conversion services.

Online Data Entry

We are actively engaged in offering Online Data Entry Services from Various Search Engine and Business Directory as per their demand and need. Our team has in-depth knowledge in these domains which results in providing our clients with better result with in minimum time.

Accurate Infocom provides exclusive and highly accurate Online Data Entry services. Online Data entry services comprises of minimum of double keying process wherein data is re-keyed to provide at least of 99.995% accuracy. With complete confidentiality and high level of accuracy the customers prefer to outsource their jobs to us. We Offer Online data entry services for all kinds of search product detail, company mailing address from Yellow Page, White Page, Google, Yahoo, MSN and other popular and major search engine and Business Directory with high accuracy levels.

A specialized expert such as Accurate Infocom can help you to meet tight deadlines because our expertise covers all type of data entry, data processing and image processing services. With increase in business, growing competition, increasing costs and reducing margins a lot of companies have started using offshore teams to take care of their data services.

We have handled expertly many online data entry and data processing projects. Our proficiency and experience allow us to deliver maximum accuracy on every project. We are ready to carry out a no obligation free online data entry sample to earn your trust based on the quality of our work.

Your Benefits with Accurate Infocom

1. Flexible and customized services as per client needs
2. Accurate entry for your insurance claims
3. Convenient file transfer options: e-mail, FTP, browser based 256 bit AES encryption
4. Access to best practices, skills and technology
5. Quality control and audit
6. Complete confidentiality
7. Customized turnaround times
8. Competitive pricing with considerable savings (30 to 40% below operational costs)

We at Accurate Infocom believe in customer satisfaction and all our services and efforts are focused to provide the best results to our clients and to better their expectations.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your online data entry outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.

Offline Data Entry

Offline Data Entry is a Perfect match for your Data Entry Needs.Today many global businesses prefer outsourcing their Offline Data Entry Projects.Accurate Infocom is equipped to handle from very large volumes of Offline Data Entry projects at the best possible price. Our qualified teams of skilled data entry personnel are dedicated to deliver accurate offline data entry work to our worldwide clients at the decided turnaround time.We have the expertise to handle any kind of offline data entry projects.

Whether it is offline data entry service, outsourcing is being followed by most companies globally. By outsourcing offline data entry services most companies benefit by reducing costs, high work efficiencies and can concentrate on their core competence.

We accept all data sources for data entry such as scanned documents, Images (JPEG, TIFF), html WebPages, PDFs. Forms etc and doing data entry in excel, word or other application as per your convenience.

Offline data entry work is one of the key services of Accurate Infocom. Being a top offshore data entry company in India also means that we are extremely quality conscious. Our organization has a good expertise in handling and maintaining offline data entry works. Therefore, we are able to manage the entire setup efficiently to meet the requirements of our clients. We also make sure to provide high accuracy for the outsource data entry projects we take.

We at Accurate Infocom unit have special team of skilled and dedicated data entry keyar’s that provide required offline image data entry in MS word with higher accuracy in a short period of time.

Why you choose to US

Client satisfaction, Security, Reliability, 24*7 customer support, Cost effective (Save time & Money), Flexible atmosphere, Professional experienced team, On time delivery, Creative experienced web and graphic designers & Best ROI (Return of investment).

Excel Data Entry

PDF to excel Data Entry services is crucial for data management involving large formats and needs minimization or compression. PDF compression technique is most suitable for documents in file that required to be processed frequently with a concise version in locations with poor internet connectivity that hampers the process of uploading of data in large volumes.

PDF to excel data entry services

Data entry from scanned PDF to excel file, PDF OCR conversion , Handwritten PDF data entry in excel sheet, Reliable PDF data typing in excel, PDF data extraction in excel, Includes all types of data even after modifications, Allocates maximum space for continuous storage of data & Provides self programming worksheet for fast data entry with quality.

Data Entry and Data Conversion of PDF (Portable Document Format) data convert into MS Excel, its user to make such a competent database record of their important database. We can process both manual data entry and automated data entry to get accurate output in a short turnaround time using OCR to convert PDF to excel Database. Use of the MS Excel one can easily make the database records for the Data processing of their large database of various companies' information.

Excel data entry services require the arrangement of data from corresponding business firms by a data entry services provider to uphold the smooth functioning of their managerial and financial processes. Business Centric It can outsource premium excel data entry services by generating altered excel sheets on the computer that can favour shortcuts such as Dragging, Copying and Pasting of data either in pictorial or numerical form from web pages and various file types like PDF, JPEG and TIF files.

Systems that extract data from PDF to Excel use OCR technology. Some programs use other extraction methods but so far OCR methods have been the most successful to extract data from PDF to Excel spreadsheets.

We have expertise in excel and also have great knowledge of excel shortcuts, macros, pivot table and other customized formulas. We can manage the entire data weather it is structured or non structured, simple or complex, large or small in excel sheets.

Outsource Excel Data Entry benefits

1. Quality excel entry services of various formats.
2. Provision of PDF to excel data entry services.
3. Handling of image to excel entry services.